Steve Kelley
Managing Partner

Mr. Kelley comes to Spencer Pierce with over 30 years of management and financing experience, including the successful start-up and development of two automotive wheel manufacturing companies.  Over his career, Mr. Kelley has held executive-level positions in five companies, all of which saw significant increases in sales revenue under his leadership.

Combining the strengths of sales development, organic growth facilitation, target acquisitions and financial management, he is a valuable member of the Spencer Pierce team.  Furthermore, Mr. Kelley is very familiar with the value of a firm's brand and has throughout his career introduced successful advertising and product development campaigns.

Mr. Kelley has spent 25 years as a professional race car driver and has developed significant relationships within the motorsports industry.  He also co-founded the Wheels of Childhelp, which has since 1992 raised more than $3.5 million in funds for child abuse prevention.

Mr. Kelley holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from California State University at Long Beach.