Daniel R. Gresham
Managing Partner

Mr. Gresham has over 30 years of management and investment experience in the financing and development of acquisitions where his direct operational control resulted in above average returns.
Mr. Gresham retired in 2008 as Chief Executive Officer of MSD Performance. Mr. Gresham, along with his partners, acquired MSD Performance in early 2004. MSD Performance designs, develops, tests, and manufactures a diverse line of performance electronic components used in motorsport applications. While at MSD Performance, Mr. Gresham was recognized by the Performance Warehouse Association as Man of the Year in 2007.

Prior to his tenure at MSD, Mr. Gresham, in conjunction with a private equity investment group, acquired Dynojet Research, Inc. As Chief Executive Officer at Dynojet, Mr. Gresham was directly responsible for a dramatic increase in sales and profit. Under Mr. Gresham's leadership, Dynojet was subsequently sold at a substantial premium to its initial purchase price.  

Mr. Gresham was formerly with Continental Can Co. where he was President of the General Packaging Business. He had previously served in a variety of staff and line positions with Continental including Vice President of New Business Development and Vice President of Research and Technical Development.

Before joining Continental Can, Mr. Gresham was with Allied Signal as Manager of Corporate and Strategic Planning.  

Mr. Gresham received a Master of Business Administration degree from Tulane University.  A graduate of Davidson College, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Mr. Gresham served as a Captain in the U.S. Army including a tour in Vietnam.