John S. Eberhardt, Jr.

Managing Partner

Mr. Eberhardt is an investment banker with over 43 years of experience advising clients across a broad spectrum of financial activities.


Prior to founding Spencer Pierce, Mr. Eberhardt owned and managed Coutant Capital Associates, a boutique investment bank that he founded in 2004. Coutant focused on M&A assignments across a broad industry spectrum. Before forming Coutant Capital, Mr. Eberhardt created Austin Pierce, Ltd. in 1997. Austin Pierce was a boutique investment bank focused exclusively on M&A in the automotive industry.


Mr. Eberhardt joined Bear Stearns & Co., Inc., in 1985 where he was a Principal Managing Director. Operating from the trading floor, Mr. Eberhardt founded the capital markets group for Bear Stearns. He also went on to originate the very first investment grade bond for Bear Stearns, their first long bond, and their first triple A bond. Mr. Eberhardt created the first non-dollar denominated SEC approved security in New Zealand dollars for the Student Loan Marketing Association. Mr. Eberhardt created the Currency Exchange Warrant (CEWS), the Security Derivative of the Year in 1987. Mr. Eberhardt acted as sole lead manager on SEC registered public bond issues for numerous investment grade Fortune 500 companies, such as the Ford Motor Company, General Electric, The Limited Stores, Citigroup, and TRINOVA Corporation. Mr. Eberhardt has also managed initial public offerings and secondary stock offerings. Mr. Eberhardt also was engaged in the private placement of non-registered debt and equity offerings. 


In addition to his record in the capital markets, Mr. Eberhardt has extensive Wall Street experience in Corporate Finance managing large mergers and acquisitions. Dana Corporation, Federal-Mogul, Exide Technologies, and TRW have engaged Mr. Eberhardt as their M&A advisor, among numerous other clients.


Prior to joining Bear Stearns Mr. Eberhardt was a Vice President with Citigroup’s investment banking division where he originated derivative based financing transactions for Joseph Seagrams & Co., News Corp. (Fox), and The Budd Company.  


Earlier in his career, Mr. Eberhardt was a commercial lending executive with Bank of America and the Chase Manhattan Bank.


Mr. Eberhardt is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute with a Bachelor of Arts degree and served as a Captain in the U.S. Army.

Alexandru D. Aldea

Managing Partner


Mr. Aldea joined Spencer Pierce as a partner from the legal and corporate world.


Prior to joining Spencer Pierce, Mr. Aldea worked as an attorney and consultant, focusing on cases involving Romanian/American relations in international business transactions, among other commercial litigation issues.


Mr. Aldea brings to bear a wealth of knowledge and experience, with over 13 years working in the legal, corporate and consulting arenas. He has spent the last six years consulting with the many of the “white shoe” firms in the New York City area, recently wrapping up a project at White & Case LLP.


Aside from his work as an attorney, he holds a Masters Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations, with a focus on business negotiations and conflict resolution. He has employed these skills to great effect in both domestic and international contract negotiations, as well as on his feet, in the heat of the courtroom.


His previous experience in client acquisition and management, as well as his varied network of contacts plays a significant role in his position at Spencer Pierce.  Mr. Aldea works to develop potential clients for the company, as well as guiding the client through the life of the deal. 

Jason S. Eberhardt
Managing Partner

Before joining Spencer Pierce, Mr. Eberhardt engaged in the strategic planning of Coutant Capital.  Mr. Eberhardt established business guidelines for rolling out new services and accomplishing existing business assignments. Coutant relied on technology and being on the cutting edge in utilizing new technological improvement marketed by service providers. Mr. Eberhardt was Coutant's Chief Technology Officer. 

At Coutant Mr. Eberhardt had been actively engaged in the successful completion of numerous sale assignments, most notably Thompson & Co., Magnuson Superchargers, Mr. Gasket, and Hurst Shifters.

Prior to joining Coutant Mr. Eberhardt worked in the international risk underwriting and reinsurance analyst groups of AIG International. He specialized in the analysis and due diligence necessary to determine the international risk in the group's financial transactions.

Mr. Eberhardt is a graduate of Hampshire College where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree.  

Daniel R. Gresham
Managing Partner

Mr. Gresham has over 30 years of management and investment experience in the financing and development of acquisitions where his direct operational control resulted in above average returns.
Mr. Gresham retired in 2008 as Chief Executive Officer of MSD Performance. Mr. Gresham, along with his partners, acquired MSD Performance in early 2004. MSD Performance designs, develops, tests, and manufactures a diverse line of performance electronic components used in motorsport applications. While at MSD Performance, Mr. Gresham was recognized by the Performance Warehouse Association as Man of the Year in 2007.

Prior to his tenure at MSD, Mr. Gresham, in conjunction with a private equity investment group, acquired Dynojet Research, Inc. As Chief Executive Officer at Dynojet, Mr. Gresham was directly responsible for a dramatic increase in sales and profit. Under Mr. Gresham's leadership, Dynojet was subsequently sold at a substantial premium to its initial purchase price.  

Mr. Gresham was formerly with Continental Can Co. where he was President of the General Packaging Business. He had previously served in a variety of staff and line positions with Continental including Vice President of New Business Development and Vice President of Research and Technical Development.

Before joining Continental Can, Mr. Gresham was with Allied Signal as Manager of Corporate and Strategic Planning.  

Mr. Gresham received a Master of Business Administration degree from Tulane University.  A graduate of Davidson College, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Mr. Gresham served as a Captain in the U.S. Army including a tour in Vietnam.

Steve Kelley
Managing Partner

Mr. Kelley comes to Spencer Pierce with over 30 years of management and financing experience, including the successful start-up and development of two automotive wheel manufacturing companies.  Over his career, Mr. Kelley has held executive-level positions in five companies, all of which saw significant increases in sales revenue under his leadership.

Combining the strengths of sales development, organic growth facilitation, target acquisitions and financial management, he is a valuable member of the Spencer Pierce team.  Furthermore, Mr. Kelley is very familiar with the value of a firm's brand and has throughout his career introduced successful advertising and product development campaigns.

Mr. Kelley has spent 25 years as a professional race car driver and has developed significant relationships within the motorsports industry.  He also co-founded the Wheels of Childhelp, which has since 1992 raised more than $3.5 million in funds for child abuse prevention.

Mr. Kelley holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from California State University at Long Beach.

Holly Blackstock


Prior to joining Spencer Pierce, Ms. Blackstock worked as a vice-president with Coutant Capital where she and her team constructed valuation models, provided detailed industry research, and produced investment memorandums for prospective acquirers. While with Coutant Capital, Ms. Blackstock worked with numerous clients including Magnuson Superchargers, Mr. Gasket and Hurst Shifters.


Ms. Blackstock previously worked with Evergreen Investments (Wachovia) and with First Investment Advisors, a division of First Union as a portfolio manager specializing in equity management for the high-net worth market.


Ms. Blackstock holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a graduate of Clemson University and of The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Daniel L. Yielding


Mr. Yielding joined the Spencer Pierce team in October of 2013, after previously holding an investment banking internship with Coutant Capital, LLC. Prior to this, Mr. Yielding held an internship position as a financial services manager with a local government finance company in Richmond, Virginia. In this role he worked extensively with internal business operations and accounting, as well as provided support of an OPEB investment portfolio.


He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Economics, from the University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business.